• Innovative Cosmetics – Made in Switzerland

    We have committed ourselves to beauty and health and are therefore your ideal partner for the development, production and bottling of your own cosmetic products and food supplements. Both our great flexibility and multiple possibilities allow us to offer you all services - from the idea to the finished product.
  • Healthy and vital - Premium Food Supplements - Made in Switzerland

    From multivitamin drinks, to fermented herbal juices and detox products - developed and produced by microsTECH for human and animal wellbeing.
  • Microbiology and Molecular Biology Analytics

    microsTECH offers a wide variety of microbiology and molecular biology analyses in the area of household, care, environment, hygiene and veterinary medicine.
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Innovative Cosmetics
Made in Switzerland

We provide top of the class services in the are of innovative high-class cosmetics. microsTECH develops and produces both new and existing product lines in the area of Face, Body, Hand, Nail and Hair Care accroding to the customer's request.

With our wide range of innovative active ingredients we can specifically respond to our customer's wishes and customize our formulations.

The quality seal "Made in Switzerland" offers significant added value for a successful market positioning of the respective cosmetic label both nationally and internationally.

Our vast knowledge in Personal Care is being applied also in the development and production of innovative animal care products. Unique products are created on a natural basis - for the wellbeing of the animals.




Multivitamin drinks, fermented herbal juices and detox products underline our broad product range.

With our own brand Nature Est we have our finger firmly on the pulse - A wellness and health beverage made of Swiss Alps' herbs with effective microorganisms, fermented without sugar, without carbohydrates, without carbonic acid, without alcohol and without conservatives and colorants - 100% nature, 100% vegan and 100% suitable for diabetics.

Nature Est Balance
Soothing for a life in the fast lane
Nature Est ImmunPower
To support resilience & vitality
Nature Est Intestinum
As impulse for a healthy and balanced digestion


microsTECH - Your Swiss Reference Laboratory for Microbiology and Molecular Biology Analyses

microsTECH offers a wide variety of microbiology and molecular biology analyses in the area of household, care, environment, hygiene and veterinary medicine.

Especially in the area of veterinary medicine, we set new standards with our two products wurmCHECK and immunoCHECK - to the benefit and protection of the animals.

Contact us for a full catalog of our services.



Executive Management


Dr. Patrick Schwarzentruber



Anna Maria Effner
Production Manager


Regula Markovic
Scientific Associate


Franziska Christ
Scientific Associate


Noemy Kraus
Scientific Associate


Barbara Gartenmann
Production Staff Member



Fabienne Hoch
Head Diagnostics


Magdalena Wandas


Patrizia Ascone
Scientific Research Associate


Lisa Cosandey
Apprentice EFZ Speciality in Biology

Regulatory Affairs


Nicolas Stüdle
Regulatory Affairs Manager



KMU-Preis 2013 / SME-Preis 2013

Winner of the prestigious SME-Price 2013 as Innovative Start-up Company of the Canton of Solothurn, handed over by Federal Council and Minister for Economic Affairs Johann Schneider-Amman.


microsTECH is certified in accordance with ISO 9001.

microsTECH is GMP certified as defined by the requirements of Swissmedic (Nr. 14-1611).


If you want to learn more about us and our possibilities, we are very happy to assist you.

microsTECH AG

Solothurnerstrasse 259
CH-4600 Olten

phone:  +41 62 211 00 00
fax: +41 62 211 00 09
email: info@microstech.com

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Your opportunity with us...

To complement our team, we are always looking for qualified personnel in the life science area who are able to communicate fluently and effectively in German. Prior work experience, particularly in microbiology and molecular biology, is advantageous but not mandatory. We offer you a multifaceted position in diverse life science areas.

University graduates have the opportunity to complete practical training in life sciences with us.

Please send your application with supporting documents to info@microstech.com.